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Submission Guidelines

Who Are We and Why We Need Your Submissions...

Download Submission Guidelines The BC Centenary Society's encourages website submissions that support our Society's objectives:

  • To celebrate the past accomplishments of the BC Forest Service;
  • To inspire optimism toward the future of the BC Forest Service;
  • To generate interest and enthusiasm toward the BC Forest Service in particular and the greater BC Forest Sector as a whole, and;
  • To raise awareness of the role of the BC Forest Service, both in an historic sense as well as its' present role.

The intent of these Submission Guidelines (pdf, 226Kb) is to support the Society's Privacy Statement. These guidelines spell out the procedures involved when you submit content for publication on this website.

How Does Your Submission Get Approved...

You, the Contributor send your material via email to BCFS100@gov.bc.ca. You do not need to be a member of the Society in order to do this.

The Society's Webmaster receives, reviews, edits and uploads submissions. In the event that your submission does not meet all of the Submission Criteria (pdf, 226Kb), the Society Webmaster liaises with the Contributor for further clarification and also has to seek the approval of the Society's Editorial Committee.

The Website's Editorial Committee approves or rejects submissions and may request further editing of a submission before the publication can be finalized.

Please read the complete Submission Guidelines (pdf, 226Kb)