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2012 marks the 100th year that the BC Forest Service has been responsible for most of the management of British Columbia's precious forests. The Service:

  • Has managed and protected our forest and rangelands ecosystems,
  • Has generated wealth for the province and stimulated local economic activity, and
  • Has been and continues to be tightly woven into the social fabric of B.C.

2012 is a time to celebrate past accomplishments and bridge to the future.

BC Forest Service Centenary Society was formed to plan and execute activities for the anniversary year. The Society includes retirees, those currently working, those who have worked for the Service some time in the past, and anyone interested in this history project.

Objectives of the Society

  • To celebrate past accomplishments and to inspire optimism for the future.
  • To create interest and enthusiasm for the Forest Service and the forest sector.
  • To raise awareness of the historic and present role of the Forest Service.

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced cost for Centenary items
  • Reduced cost to attend Centenary events
  • Ability to contribute to the work of the Society

How to Become a Member

Click on this Membership Form link and print it using your browser print function. Further instructions are on the form. Membership cost is only $20.12 and is active until 2013.

Invitation for Volunteers

If you have any ideas or suggestions for Centenary events and projects, or you would like to make a donation, please contact us at: BCFS100@gov.bc.ca.

Society Board of Directors

c/o 923 Arden Road
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V9C 4G3
Jim Challenger, phone 250-474-2808

Mike Apsey - President Doug Adderley
Jim Snetsinger - Vice President John Flanagan
Jim Challenger - Executive Director, Secretary Treasurer Kevin Lavelle
Phil Zacharatos Rick Wells
Jim Maxwell Larry Pedersen

BCFS100 Planning Committee Members

  Brian Barber
Doug Adderley Harry Drage
Jim Challenger John Flanagan
John Parminter Lyle Resh
Margaret Nichols Mike Apsey
Rick Wells Ralph Archibald

Planning Sub-committee Members (Subject to Change)

  • Book Sub-Committee: Jim Challenger (Chair), Mike Apsey
  • Collections Sub-Committee: Doug Adderley (Chair), Mike Apsey
  • Communications Sub-Committee: Brian Barber (Chair), Jim Challenger
  • DVD Sub-Committee: Jim Challenger (Chair), Mike Apsey
  • Events Sub-Committee: John Flanagan
  • Oral Histories Sub-Committee: John Flanagan (Chair), Harry Drage
  • Outside Funding Sub-Committee: Mike Apsey, Rick Wells
  • Theme Papers Sub-Committee: John Parminter (Chair)
  • Website Sub-Committee: Doug Adderley (Chair), Rick Wells, Trish Wells

We offer special thanks to the following for their contributions:

  • Colene Wood
  • Al MacPherson
  • Fred Miller
  • Tamara Spurling
  • Gordon Prest
  • Ted Robinson
  • Jim Dunlop